Healing Sessions

Deep energy healing will bring you back into harmony with yourself and support you in knowing your own profound wisdom.

Meditation Classes and Healing Circles

Experience healing and growth in a group setting. Journey with others on the path of awakening.

Intuitive Readings

Whether for yourself, your family or business, Heather offers clear, concise information for transformation through intuitive readings.

Life is a journey.

And for many of us it has been a path with lots of ups and downs and unexpected turns in the road. Through working with Heather, you will be given an opportunity to unravel and uncover who you are at your core, and to reclaim anything from your past that may have been left unattended to.

Move forward in life with more freedom and awareness.

When we can safely release experiencing life through the lens of the past by deep healing of the energetic body, suddenly a whole new world opens up before us. Sometimes it's as if we are seeing life clearly for the first time. Clearing and healing in the energy body can lead to true freedom and the ability to step in to living out your soul's purpose.

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